January 25, 2016

What Can I expect During A Shamanic Energy Healing Experience?



Greg views illness whole-istically. Greg assesses the health of a person by tracking the alignment of their Mind, Body and Spirit. The balance of the three is essential for good health and relates not only to internal health (relationship to self) but also to external health (relationship to others and the world around us).

Rather than trying to cure a symptom, which is the tradition of western allopathic medicine, Greg looks at the whole physical and energetic system of the client and tracks the symptom to its source. Greg believes that all illnesses have a spiritual/energetic origin based in some trauma that the client has experienced. The trauma energetically imprints that person and if left unhealed or untended can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Therefore, Greg utilizes the healing energies to heal the spiritual/energetic origins of illness so the imprint of trauma no longer informs your reality or health and can return you to a state of Sacred Balance.

A typical Shamanic Energy Healing session may take 1-4 hours and can take place indoors or out in mother nature. If needed, and prearranged with Greg, a client may bring friends, family members or their therapist to their session. What is important to Greg is that the client is with people whom they feel loved. All work is private and strictly confidential. Greg usually starts by learning about the client’s history and struggles so that together the client and Greg can identify what issues are in need of healing. Greg then describes what the Shamanic Life Force Energy Healing session can be like for the client. When indoors the client will rest comfortably on a massage table on their back then on their front side or sitting comfortably in a chair. Unlike massage therapy, no articles of clothing are removed other than the client’s shoes; loose, comfortable clothing is suggested and it is requested that the client where dark colored clothing in case Greg needs to use Sacred Tobacco smoke to assist in the healing process. A session is hands-on, where Greg will apply a safe touch during the session, or hands-off where Greg will hold his hands slightly above the clients body. If a client prefers not to be touched they can indicate this to Greg before they begin.

When the session begins Greg will then create Sacred Space, beginning with prayer, invocation, calling the seven sacred directions and possibly burning a special mixture of herbs used for purification. Greg begins each healing with a profound, passionate prayer asking his Spirits Guides and Creator to allow him to be the channel for the most powerful energies to flow through so that the client receives the exact healing they need at that time in their life. Each healing is unique and will reflect individual client needs.

In a partial trance, Greg receives instructions from his Spiritual helpers on what exactly needs to be done during the session. Typically, Greg will perform a combination of healing methods, depending on how he is directed by Spirit. The client’s healing may include a soul/energy retrieval, energy release, power animal retrieval, Chakra alignment cleansing and illumination, energy extraction, energy cord cutting or energy retrieval. At the end of the healing session, the chakras are illuminated and rebalanced.

A client might feel one or all of the following during the session: a warming sensation or a tingling, an emotional release, the actual energy itself flowing through and or around their body. They may also feel heat radiating from Greg’s hands or they may experience nothing at all but sheer relaxation. Over all the session should be very pleasant, relaxing, invigorating and inspiring.

When appropriate, Greg will share the healing information he received specifically for you from his Spirit guides. If you would like to record this information, please bring your own tape recorder or a journal to take notes.

Please keep in mind that all the work that Greg shares with his clients is always the Divine Love and Healing energy of Creator.

After the healing Greg may discuss with you any practices, techniques, “homework” or lifestyle changes that may be necessary to support the clients healing process and help them anchor and integrate the changes made in their energy field. The client may also learn tools for continuing their healing process and consciously shifting their energy. Greg always encourages each client to contact him within a week or two after the healing to discuss any effects they maybe experiencing from the energy work, and to determine if additional energy work is needed.

Depending on the nature of the work involved, significant healing can be accomplished in 1 to 3 sessions. Many clients find that one session is all they need. The success is determined by the intensity of the client’s desire for healing and willingness to actively create healing patterns in their life.

The positive benefits that can come from receiving a Shamanic Energy Healing Treatment/s from Greg S. Carroll

Each person is unique and will experience different results from Shamanic Energy Healing.

Unlike Western medicine, Shamanic Healing can address many systemic symptoms at once within a short period of time. The results can vary from complete relief immediately to a slow release of the ailment over a period of time.


• Increases vitality and life force energy
• Releases and provides healing of emotional trauma and
conditioning from childhood
• Releases and provides healing of emotional trauma and
conditioning from sexual abuse
• Releases and provides healing of emotional pain and
patterns from relationships
• Releases and provides healing of trauma and
breaking patterns from past lives (whether you believe in them or not!)
• Understanding the root cause behind physical illness
• Changing limiting or negatives beliefs
• Clarity, stability and renewed confidence
• Understanding yourself and your soul contracts
• Reconciling relationships
• Spontaneous happiness
• The ability to respond to life vs. reacting to it
• A new Empowerment to make decisions
• Feeling more present in life
• The ability to move past issues that you previously could not
• An opening to begin dealing with grief
• Breaking old patterns – removing the “magnets” that draw
the same situations to your life
• Increased vitality
• An expanded sense of wholeness and well-being
• Greater ability to release addictions and maintain changes
• Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose
• Strengthened immune system
• A deep sense of inner peace
• Feeling more balanced and centered