January 25, 2016

Life Coach Ventura County


60 Minute Phone Sessions

Life Coach Oakland CAGreg is available to assist you with any questions you may have or any clarity you may be seeking utilizing his Empathic and Intuitive gifts. You may speak with Greg on any given day that he has available by emailing him a request. He can often accommodate same-day appointment request.

Greg has created a sliding scale donation of $188.00 to $377.00 per hour for people who absolutely need.

There is no explanation needed as to why you would need to use the sliding scale as it is set up on an honor system. I ask that you respect the fact that I take care of people no matter what their financial situation is.

Please contact Greg at CreatingYouNow@gmail.com to arrange payment.

(If you would donate any amount over the listed your additional support will allow Greg to help those less fortunate, especially the youth. Find out more by clicking the Youth Services link HERE)

Sessions are by appointment only. Call (415) 312-4696 or email CreatingYouNow@gmail.com to set up an appointment.

90-Day “Creating You Now” Life Coaching Experiences Customized For Your Individuals Needs

life-coaching-san-francisco-caAre you are seeking to achieve specific goals and/or break through any thoughts, habitual actions and ideas that may be holding you back? A 90-day coaching program can provide you with a “reset button” for your entire life path. Each week you will speak with about the challenges and the achievements you are experiencing, Greg will listen without judgment as well as provide you with his empathic and intuitive feedback. He will also give you an abundance of helpful information/homework that will assist you in creating change and balance in your life. The following are some of the topics that can be covered throughout your Life Changing coaching sessions.

• Discovering Core Values

• Assessing Priorities

• Living Up to Commitments

• Creating Accountability

• Awakening, Getting to Know, Loving and
Honoring Your True Self

• Living a Positive Mindset through Spirituality
and Meditation

• Improving Physical Health

• Business and Career

• Empathic – Intuitive feedback

• Creating balance in all areas of life

• Developing a Consistent Meditation

• Positive Mindset Mastery

• Developing Employer/Employee relationships

• Deepening Personal Relationships

• Exploring Job and Career Changes

• Goal Setting and Goal Achieving

• Business Vision

• Self-Analysis

• Team Building

• Time Management

• Working through Breakdowns to gain Breakthroughs

To find out if Greg is the right coach for you please Email Greg to set up a FREE 20-30 min introductory call. You will be under no obligation to sign up on the call and you can experience Greg’s style of coaching before you commit to your progress.

Full payment of $2555.00 for the entire 90-day program (14 hours of coaching) is due before the start of the 90 Days of coaching sessions. If you are in financial hardship and need to arrange a payment plan please let Greg know.

You may not transfer your appointment to another person.

Please send payments to Greg Carroll, via PayPal using this email address: CreatingYouNow@gmail.com

If you would like to donate more, any amount over the amount required, it will go towards funding teens and young adults who are in need of Greg’s teachings. If you need to arrange a payment plan please let Greg know by emailing CreatingYouNow@gmail.com.

Learn more by clicking the Creating You Now Youth Services tab HERE.