February 22, 2016

Symptoms and Benefits of a Shamanic Energy Healing Treatment


The positive benefits that can come from receiving a Shamanic Energy Healing Treatment/s from Greg S. Carroll

Each person is unique and will experience different results from Shamanic Energy Healing.

Unlike Western medicine, Shamanic Healing can address many systemic symptoms at once within a short period of time. The results can vary from complete relief immediately to a slow release of the ailment over a period of time.

Immediately after a Shamanic Healing Session you can expect to experience any combination of the following outcomes:

• Increases vitality and life force energy
• Releases and provides healing of emotional trauma and
conditioning from childhood
• Releases and provides healing of emotional trauma and
conditioning from sexual abuse
• Releases and provides healing of emotional pain and
patterns from relationships
• Releases and provides healing of trauma and
breaking patterns from past lives (whether you believe in them or not!)
• Understanding the root cause behind physical illness
• Changing limiting or negatives beliefs
• Clarity, stability and renewed confidence
• Understanding yourself and your soul contracts
• Reconciling relationships
• Spontaneous happiness
• The ability to respond to life vs. reacting to it
• A new Empowerment to make decisions
• Feeling more present in life
• The ability to move past issues that you previously could not
• An opening to begin dealing with grief
• Breaking old patterns – removing the “magnets” that draw
the same situations to your life
• Increased vitality
• An expanded sense of wholeness and well-being
• Greater ability to release addictions and maintain changes
• Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose
• Strengthened immune system
• A deep sense of inner peace
• Feeling more balanced and centered

The following are some of the common physical and emotional symptoms that can be treated through the use of Shamanic Energy Healing:

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Unhealthy connections to past partners or family members
• Apathy, numbness, lack of vitality or fatigue
• Paranoid feelings and actions
• Feelings of worthlessness
• Substance abuse
• Feeling “stuck”
• Difficulty staying present in your body or having memory gaps
• Addiction
• Early childhood trauma
• Depression
• Lack of direction
• Low self esteem
• A sense of not belonging
• Chronic misfortune
• Fertility and childbearing issues
• Endometriosis, fibroid tumors and cystic ovaries
• Generalize anxiety
• Social anxiety
• Inability to connect emotionally with others
• Phobias
• Chronic illness
• Weak immune system
• Chronic depression and Suicidal thoughts
• Chronic fatigue
• Sexual trauma
• Arthritis
• Fibromyalgia
• Nerve damage and neuropathy
• High blood pressure
• Back pain
• Migraines
• Knee pain and knee disability
• Limited range of motion problems
• Weight loss or gain