February 22, 2016

Preparation Before and After Healing


shamanic-healing-san-francisco-caThe main preparation for your time with Greg is for you to look within yourself to find a clear intention or purpose, and start focusing and praying that the experience you have with Greg will manifest the healing, a clear answer and a solution to whatever it is that you are intending. It is also very important to be in the best possible disposition for the experience. Mind cleansing will really help, so Greg advises that you don’t take any alcohol or drugs (including marijuana) and also make a concerted effort to stay away from disruptive influences before and after the experience for a minimum of four days before and seven days after ensuring that your energy is truly clear on what you need to experience and receive. When scheduling your appointment please do so in a way that will allow you some time after your session is finished to reflect on what you received during your treatment and slowly integrate yourself back into your day-to-day life. The effects of the healing can be gradual or dramatic; each individual will likely experiences this differently. You may find that over the days and months that follow the teachings and healings you’ve received are still unfolding long after we have said our goodbyes on the day we have our session together. Know that you can always call Greg during any shifts you’re having or regarding anything you would like guidance on. You may wish to follow your session with Spiritual Life Coaching so you can cultivate your own inner strength and balance.


chakra-cleansing-san-franciscoAfter you receive your Shamanic Energy treatment from me your energy vibration, or frequency, will shift and intensify. You might notice a change or shift instantly, or it may be a gradual shift with an accumulative effect. The energy starts a cleansing process that can clear the physical body as well as the mind and emotions. Toxins that have been stored in the body may be released along with feelings and thought patterns that are no longer useful. This does not always take place right after a Universal Life Force Energy treatment, but when it does it is important to understand what is happening so you can support the completion. You did not get into your present situation overnight, change takes time. When changes do take place, you may need more rest. You may need to spend more quiet time contemplating your life and any changes you might need to make to support a healthier lifestyle. This period of adjustment is necessary so that the body and various parts of your life become accustomed to healthier new conditions. Remember that you have started the self-healing process when it was needed most.

The 21-day integration process of Universal Life Force Energy integrates itself through each of your Chakras, starting at your base and moving all the way up to your crown. The integration process takes 21-days is because the energy integrates into each individual Chakra for three days. It is very important to abstain from sexual contact for at least the first 7 days to ensure that the energy can fully clear your root and sacral Chakras.

During integration you may experience strong insights about yourself and your journey. During this phase trust that your spirit guides are holding you safe. The Universal Life Force Energy always works for the best and highest good. Discomforts will pass and you will move into a more balanced and integrated state. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself and respect your perfect intuition. If you feel you need to enjoy a particular food, cry from the depths of your heart, joyfully play like a child or leap into your car for an impromptu road trip or time away – respect your inner knowing! Be gentle and forgiving with yourself. You are clearing physical, emotional and energetic blocks that may have accumulated for many years at an accelerated pace. Please feel comfortable contacting me for questions, guidance, and support with any aspect of your journey. If I can’t answer a question or address a topic satisfactorily I will find someone or some source that can.

Physical sensations such as: feeling tingly, spacey, tired or moody – will all pass. This is all part of the process, which you will pass through with vibrant health. However, if you feel uncomfortable during your shifting remember to practice self-care to restore balance and ease within yourself. Use your creative visualization daily remembering the incredible healing experience you had during our time together to establish a strong, clear energy pathway for your life. I encourage you to journal or otherwise record your experiences for future insights and guidance. This is your time of growth and owning your own personal power. Be joyful and go out and play! Explore what feels good to you and honor yourself for taking this step in the journey.

Many Blessings to you,

Greg S. Carroll