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Greg S. Carroll

contact-greg-carrollGreg S. Carroll although known to the public as a Medicine Person, Shaman, Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and Empathic Intuitive Life Coach, Greg understands that people feel the need to label him but he isn't much into titles and humbly likes to be called a Helper of the People. He is currently based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Valley and offers Shamanic Energy Healing treatments, Intuitive Nature Walks, Traditional Usui Reiki Treatments and classes as well as his unique style of Empathic Intuitive Life Coaching.

Greg has studied Energy Healing modalities for 23 years, has over 23 years of experience as an Empathic Intuitive Life Coach, 32 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business management experience and 13 years as a professional action sports team manager. Most of all, he is blessed to be loving father.

Greg views wellness whole-istically. He assesses health by tracking the alignment of the mind, body and spirit. The balance of the three is essential for good health and relates not only to internal health (relationship to self) but also to external health (relationship to others and the world around us).

Rather than trying to treat one symptom, which is the tradition of western allopathic medicine, Greg looks at the whole physical and energetic system of the client and tracks the symptom to its source. Greg believes that all illnesses have a spiritual/energetic origin based in trauma that has been experienced. Trauma energetically imprints a person and if left unhealed or unattended can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Greg utilizes different modalities and healing energies to heal the spiritual/energetic origins of illness so the imprint of trauma no longer informs a person’s reality. Once that is accomplished the body, mind and spirit can return to a state of Sacred Balance.

Greg attained the knowledge and tools that now allow him to assist others in achieving their full potential after many years of deep, personal journeying that included: receiving teachings and initiations from Elders; participating in Indigenous Shamanic healing rituals and ceremonies; spiritual retreats; attending personal-growth courses; a daily Shamanic and Intuitive practice. Greg utilizes the power of nature that is always in and around us to guide him through his own style of empathic-intuitive Life Coaching, Reiki sessions and Shamanic Healing. It is Greg’s joy and privilege to share his gifts with you.

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