January 25, 2016




What my previous clients have to say about their experience with me.

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“Greg is such a magical being…full of wisdom, strength, insight, and good mojo. I’ve known him for years, and am honored to call him my friend.

The healing work Greg has done for me has been so profound – I can remember ceremonies five years ago as clearly as yesterday. Simply – WOW!

I teach healing work. it’s my life. I live, breathe, eat, sleep healing, and the art of holding more light.  Greg embodies this way of living – I cherish him, and I’m so happy he’s doing the work he does for all of us. I cannot imagine a more beautiful or powerful medicine person to call colleague, brother, friend.

so…go see Greg! There’s a nature walk waiting for you that will change your life in the most magical ways!”

joy to you,

Anna Dorian

“Greg Carroll is truly amazing. I am forever grateful to Greg and my dear friend who put me in touch with Greg after seeing the difficult year I was having and the emotional and physical pain I was living with. I went on a nature walk with Greg and it immediately changed my life and the way I was feeling for the better. I woke up the next day feeling brand new, hopeful and like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

Greg is a deeply caring, kind, intuitive and knowledgeable healer. I am still amazed that after one treatment with Greg I was able to come to peace with many issues that I have been battling with for years.

I highly recommend Greg’s healing and life coach services. The change in me has been obvious to all of my friends and family, many of whom have reached out to Greg for help themselves. One word that my friends and I use to describe how we feel after seeing Greg Carroll: Amazing.

Calling Greg for help was the best decision I have made in a very long time, and I feel grateful and empowered knowing Greg is in my corner.”

Sophia A. 

“Greg Carroll has been such a big inspiration to my life personally, emotionally and in my business. When we met I was at some major crossroads in my life and over the course of our relationship Greg has helped me sort them out and become more a powerful being. What I respect most about Greg is that he walks his talk. Whatever he says he practices, he does. He has a good heart and always looks for the benefit of others. Spiritually he has helped me connect with my higher being and is never judgmental. His intuitive nature helps him put a lot of things together about how to help a person. He is truly a force for good!”

Court Smith

”I have greatly benefited from my work with Greg Carroll in his capacity as energy worker and life coach. He has helped me work through some physical and creative blocks that have plagued me for my whole life, and Greg has brought some clarity to some of these old issues. He is compassionate, comforting, insightful, and has helped me to feel lighter. Greg’s energy and kindness is palpable, and I would always recommend him to anyone looking for a healing touch. In fact, if we could harness his light and energy, we could probably power a small city. The great thing about Greg is that even though he deals with a very spiritual type of healing, his work is very much in this world, and he’s matter-of-fact in how to feel better. It’s a perfect balance that works so well in the struggles that we face in life. I couldn’t say enough good things about him.”


“I’m sure this statement applies to many people Greg has helped along the way, and it especially holds true for me. ‘I would not be where I am in my life or my career if it wasn’t for Greg Carroll’. Thank You for your friendship and help Greg!”

Jackson Curtin

“I met Greg at a very trying time in my life. In retrospect it was one of those things where he happened to be in New York, and I happened to be at an event which is a rare occurrence for me. We were introduced by a mutual friend, and almost immediately we got involved in a discussion about life, conquering past experiences, and what is most important to focus on while distracted by everyday life and the obstacles life throws at us. Greg touched my life that night and we remained in contact. At that point in my life I was frustrated by many things that were not happening, and I was not sure why. I was depressed, angry, and very confused. Greg counseled me and helped me understand that maybe things were not happening because they were not supposed to be happening. He helped me really pull out my own inner strength. He made me realize that I could change my life, but it would have to be in a BIG way. I would need to make some power moves. It was one of the hardest times that I have had to go through, but now I realize that sometimes you have to go through some really trying times to get to the right place. By listening to Greg’s words such as “faith over fear” and embracing all that I have and who I am. He taught me to pay attention to all the signs and tiny miracles that happen everyday, and WOW there have been many. Within a very short period of time I completely transformed my life. I moved across the country, away from anything familiar. It was one of the bravest things that I have done. With Greg’s coaching and strength, and the belief I had in myself in about 8 weeks I built a life that is more rewarding and wonderful than I could have imagined. It practically fell into place. Greg continues to be a dear friend, and coach in my life. I truly believe that life places certain people in your life for a reason, you just have to be aware. I am truly blessed that I have such an amazing person in my life, who has helped elevate me spiritually and professionally. Who knows…. maybe I add a little something to his as well.”

Katie Fryback

“I met Greg Carroll in March of ’09 and worked with him for half of a year. One thing that I can say about Greg is that he is truly different, in that through talking with him you will not receive someone else’s viewpoints. This is a good thing in that you can really learn something different from Greg.
Aren’t you tired of hearing the same thing from different people. Greg can’t be categorized, Greg is not typical. I look forward to discussing matters of life with Greg in the near future, as should you!”

Ben Watanabe

“When I first met Greg I was awed by his presence. He is calm, grounded, strong, and wise. He immediately puts you at ease. I had sought Greg’s help to work through a couple key parts of my life and let go of what was not serving me anymore. I felt stuck, but was ready to take the next step. When I approached Greg about taking a nature walk, I have to be honest, I had no idea what a nature walk really was, but I trusted Greg and felt safe in his presence so I decided to follow his guidance. What happened was beyond what I could have ever asked for or even imagined. All I can say is, wow, Greg is incredibly gifted. With his intuition he led me to exactly the right place and invited to participate in a ritual of letting go and then creating the life I imagined. It was a powerful and moving experience. The most amazing part for me were the surprises that have unfolded after our time together. Everyday I encounter little synchronicities that remind me to look at life from a different perspective. It’s what Greg calls “taking steps with greatness.” For example, throughout our walk Greg and I kept seeing white butterflies which are signs of transformation. I never see butterflies in my everyday life in the city, but two days after meeting with Greg I couldn’t get the butterflies out of my head. They were such a beautiful symbol of how I saw myself making changes and transforming into the person I wanted to become. I was walking home from work that day and looked into the window of Neiman Marcus to see a window display of literally thousands of white butterflies. I was amazed. I would recommend Greg to anyone seeking a profound transformation in their lives. He is a gifted healer and he will accompany you on a journey that is designed specifically to fit your needs. You will walk away feeling empowered, inspired, and awakened, at least I did, and I am truly grateful.”

Clare Johnson

“I have known Greg for over 10 year’s now. Greg has influenced me as well as a lot of other people from every walk of life. His drive to be a positive influence is very profound in so many ways. I am honored to know Greg and very proud to call him a friend. Greg is the type of person you can trust, lean on and consult with in every aspect of life. He has walked through the thick and thin times that life has thrown at him with nothing but, dignity and his head held high. Greg help’s me stay on the proper spiritual path through the struggles as well as the good. Greg has a heart of gold and an outlook on life that is amazing to me. If you think any part of your life needs some work, Greg will be a strong force in to communicate with.”

Neal Mims

“I was fortunate enough to meet the amazing Greg Carroll 14 years ago in Vancouver Canada. He had an energy not common to many. We became fast friends and have kept in touch no matter where we have lived. It didn’t take long until I began coming to him for advice. It felt very natural and he had things to tell me I wasn’t hearing from anyone else. Greg is an ego-less individual I am honored to know. My life and spirit are so much richer for knowing him. I went through a lot as a young, troubled and confused girl and he was always there to talk me out of a tree and help me see clearly and from a different perspective. He has calm, guiding, useful, intelligent advice that I’m sure I’d be lost without. I feel Greg being a life coach could not be more perfect for him. He was literally born to do it. I cannot tell you how much he has helped me and how many times. I’m so grateful to the beautiful person that Greg Carroll is. Thank you for including me in this journey.”

Michelle Turcin

“Living a truly fulfilled and successful life is a natural byproduct of having a clear Vision, Passion & Purpose and a Support System. But how often in life can we say that we have people in our corner that consistently teach us how to draw those things out of ourselves? In the 5 years that I’ve known Greg I can safely say that he has exhibited nothing short of an authentic and sage like wisdom that has had a direct and positive impact on my life. To have him as a teacher and a friend continues to be an honor for me and I’m sure it will be for you as well.”

Colin Alexander Taylor

“I went through a point in my life where I was drowning in my work but it wasn’t going in the right direction. When I met Greg he helped me changed my life. By focusing on myself, helping others, and to take my work in a better direction. I’ve taken a lot of the things I’ve learned from Greg to help not only myself but those who need it as well. Greg makes it easy to be open and express myself. He isn’t there to judge but to help. I would love to be like Greg one day and be able to just inspire people to become better. Thank you for being a great mentor.”

Andy N

“My experience with Greg has been totally no nonsense straight good decision making. His approach to making business decisions come straight out of the ‘book of life’ or ‘book of past experiences’ whichever you prefer. He can appreciate when the big picture or the myopic view takes precedence. Whether making decisions in life or business Greg is definitely a valuable resource.”

Alan Palomares

“I recommend Greg, he has helped me with the challenges of my adult children. His perspective, awareness and heart have assisted me in loving my boys/young men unconditionally. With his support I learned to maintain healthy boundaries so I can support them but not enable. I recommend you call Greg and see if you have a connection or a rapport. Thanks Greg for all your support.”

Randy Dolan

“What can I say; the guy’s reputation precedes him. I had originally made acquaintance with him through mutual friends before anything, and since then stayed in contact, shared some laughs, and he’s even flown to me to meet and hear my ideas. He is continually headed in the right direction with what is happening in society, as well as on the cusp of the underground trends, generally starting them as opposed to following them. Recently he has reached a new level of consciousness with his business, branding and personal life, something we could all use a little more of. I would recommend Greg’s help to anybody who might think they need some direction or just someone with an open mind to bounce their crazy ideas off. The guy’s been in it for a minute. Thanks for listening Greg.”

Jason Carrougher

“Greg and I go back quite some time now, I think we’re going on nearly 20 years. I’d never really consider myself a religious person, however I feel spiritual about many things in my life, that said, Greg would certainly be considered my ‘spiritual advisor’ but most of all he’s just a real good friend. Over the years than I’ve know him, both of us have grown and changed in profound ways. The person I see when I look at Greg is quite different than the person I remember meeting so long ago. The difference is actually quite staggering and I know that the events that have shaped who he is today have taught him that life is an adventure and no matter how much you may think you have it all figured out, you are always a student. There have been times in my life when I felt pretty lost, couldn’t figure out which way is up, and there were certainly many things that I could have done to numb these periods of my life. Speaking with Greg has always given me a sense of calmness about things, and I think this is what helped clear the way for me to examine my thoughts in a very rational way, push aside the distractions, start to let things flow, and move confidently in the direction of what is inspiring rather than getting caught up in those crippling doubts we all have in the back of our minds. The times we’ve spent together talking have been some of the most profound conversations I’ve ever had. It’s difficult to describe, but there is something about our conversations that is so unique and free-flowing. Greg’s sense of consciousness is a big part of who he is, and if you know what I mean when I say he’s “awake” then perhaps you can understand what gives him the rare talent of articulating complex ideas in a very simple way. After a conversation with Greg, I undoubtedly walk away feeling energized and overwhelmingly positive about whatever situation I find myself in. I think for most people, having someone in your life that can give you that feeling is a real asset, I just feel lucky that I have him in my life.… Visualize good parking Greg!… *works every time.”

Pete Thompson

“There are certain things that you begin to miss when you live in a different city than your friends. One thing that I miss the most are my talks with GC. I consider myself a spiritual person and meeting people as genuine, inspired and as motivated as Greg are few and far between. I believe I met Greg in LA right before he found his calling to be a Life Coach. So I can say that even pre-life coaching career Greg was already influencing me in a positive way. I always left our talks or hang out sessions feeling like I was walking away with something. I walked away with a little more self assurance, positivity and strength to a face any obstacle in my life at that moment. I actually owe a thank you to him for guiding me to listen to the positive voice inside of me. He also made me more aware of the words that I use because WORDS are more POWERFUL than we may ever realize. It is more important to me now than ever before to think before I speak in order to get the right message across. I don’t have the pleasure of living close enough to have Greg rub his enthusiastic affirmations off on me anymore but his words will always resonate in my mind and heart.”

Rozalyn Spano

“Greg has been a mystery to me for many years. His entourage at certain times kept him shielded from my passionate pleas for charity and over the years, I have grown to seen him as an icon of the skateboarding industry. He is always so calm, centered and has the ear or mind of someone of rank or stature. In this, I understood some of the mystery. It wasn’t until more recently when he was openly honest in his advice and passion in regards to some business issues i was dealing with that i became aware of his empathy and knowledge. His insight was well thought out, heartfelt and seemed to keep the win/win paradigm I so desperately live by. Even more recently i have seen him show up to our charity events, watching-listening–just his energy being there brings more light to a little event in east Oakland. His new found awareness of mission is both inspiring and paramount. The light masters are beginning to resonate and the path they illuminate will be glorious indeed. What better place to find inspiration/wisdom/compassion– then at his new office overlooking beautiful San Fransisco Bay. bless.”


“Greg was a life changer for me. He helped me with some major decisions and shed light into painful situations that I didn’t want to deal with. He provided wisdom and comfort in a very safe and protected way. I definitely recommend Greg to get you through any major decisions you are trying to face or if you have lost someone close to you and feel like you want to reconnect with them. Greg definitely has your highest good and the highest good of all in mind when working with you.”


“Greg will always be someone I turn to for both, practical and spiritual guidance. His wisdom, values and experience are hard to find, and I couldn’t recommend him enough. I got to know Greg personally during a very low point in my life. I had just torn my ACL and was watching my skateboarding career vanish. My closest friends and sponsors soon forgot about me. I felt depressed and alone, and was shocked that an industry, so built on loyalty and brotherhood could be so cold. Greg was the team manager for one of my sponsors during that time. I barely knew him, yet he went out of his way to help me. He got me appointments with the best sports injury surgeons in San Francisco, private personal trainers for rehabilitation and encouraged me to get better. I did get better, and it’s thanks to Greg’s help. I couldn’t understand then, why he helped me more than many of my closest friends, but now I get it. Greg believes in me. I don’t think Greg believes in me for any particular reason. I think he just believes in the best parts of people. His values and integrity seem to prevent him from judging others, allowing him to see clearly their potential within. When I’m with Greg, I know my attempts to be defensive are futile. His optimism is relentless and naturally rejects my self-doubt and negativity. I feel seen by Greg in a way I don’t normally feel seen and his wisdom resonates within me, stirring a better part of myself. His advice and insights are refreshing and I leave our conversations with hope, self-confidence and optimism about my life. This is why I believe in Greg, and why I’d recommend him any day.”

Bartlett F. Jones

“Not exactly sure where to begin in regards to Mr. Greg Carroll. I have known him for a rather brief period of about 5 yrs. or so. Upon our first meeting I could sense that we had crossed paths for a reason although that reason was unbeknownst to me at the time. Over the years I have began to uncover the why although it is somewhat irrelevant in the end. It isn’t about the end. Greg is more about growth, change, progression, and all things active. It isn’t so much about analysis although it is required to some extent to be as emphatic a person as Greg. He is a very “dialed in” human and evolving rapidly. I don’t really view Greg as a “life coach” or “teacher” I view him as a genuine and positive force in my life. For some reason he is one of the few individuals I will allow in beyond the barricade/fortress I have erected to protect the self. He helps me stay centered, he has enabled me to grow and evolve as an individual amidst this highly polluted world we reside in. Greg walks down the path with me, he doesn’t sit on the bench and direct or coach from the sidelines. He puts as much energy into my life as could reasonably be asked of another human outside of the self. It is rare that you find people who think in terms of “universal laws/truths” that still functions and navigates the day to day life we all attempt to live and often struggle through. He is an invaluable resource in my opinion. You may not always hear what you want to hear but if you allow the words to bounce around a bit and get beyond your “ego” you can benefit a great deal from your interactions with Greg. Often times if you are being ruled by your ego or dealing with fear, doubt etc…some of what he says may even seem nonsensical but with an open mind and a bit of time you may discover what he threw at you. It is indeed a give and take that can help bring balance into your life if you are open and willing to engage. At the end of the day it is on you, no hand outs. Greg is one of those people, he gives relentlessly and some may misinterpret it as something abnormal due to the selfish/self centered people we are most accustomed to dealing with. He is honest & he is actively making the world better. Can’t say enough about him. For all parties involved to benefit I suggest you believe in yourself, truly desire a better life, etc…He can lead you to the water but alas it would yield very little if you were unwilling to drink.”


“My name is Greg Lucero and I have been friends with Greg for over 33 years. I first met Greg in elementary school in Daly City. We were in the same class that year. He was in grade 1 and I was in grade 2. Our friendship was a hit from the first time we met. We liked the same sports, toys and so on. We use to play almost everyday after school. He just lived 1 block from my house. Greg and I have been through some of the same life experiences. So I know exactly where he is coming from. We both have had very difficult childhoods. As we grew older we started hanging out with different friends but every time we would see each other it was like we never missed a beat. Greg has always been a person I could trust no matter what. His vibration was always true. I never once felt any negativity from him. In 1994 I moved to Vancouver Canada to start a new life. But I still stayed in contact with Greg. He owned his own business and so did I. The two business where somewhat similar – street culture. That right there is a sign to me of how similar we are to each other. I did not talk to Greg for several years because I was caught up in my world until the beginning of this year 2010. I have been on his daily doses email mail list for some time now but one day I was reading one of his daily doses and was reconnect to him. I immediately emailed him and he got back to me right away. We had had a 2 hour conversation on the phone. The knowledge he was sharing with me saved me from a nervous breakdown. I told him what was going on in my life and he had all the right words I needed to hear from him. We went on a very long nature walk that transformed me into a new person. If it was not for him and the teachings and reading he turned me on to I do not know where I would be today. It has only been 6 months since we reconnected. But in those 6 months I feel I have been reborn and given another chance at life with a new purpose and destiny and it’s all because of Greg. I thank him every time we speak on the phone for all that he as done for me and my family. We now talk on a weekly bases. I would give my life for Greg because of the person he is and what he as done for me. I will be forever thankful for Greg being Greg and opening his heart to me. I would recommend Greg to anyone who needs guidance to get their life back on track. There is so much to live for. We are so lucky to have a person like Greg in our lives. Have a great day!”

Greg Lucero

“It’s pretty hard to fairly summarize anybody in this sometimes complicated world, but once you get to know Greg, even my simple words won’t mean too much, you’ll genuinely find out and discover who the most important person in the world is…that person is yourself. I too have been fortunate enough to cross paths with Greg for over ten years, like so many of his friends and acquaintances. Greg has provided for many, many people over his entire life, way before he began his life coaching journey. I know personally, and have seen this as one of his many innate attributes, and continue to witness his generosity and sincerity. There is obvious ways to help someone, such as financially, but more importantly, everyone needs nurturing and growth in seemingly non-tangible ways such as emotionally and spiritually. This is what I value the most about Greg, he has helped me grow. Maybe one of the most under-valued principles in our modern society is the honor of time and respect, to which Greg abundantly provides to all. Greg will do whatever he can to help you in any way when possible. He listens, is non-judgmental and provides amazing insight on life, love and everything in between. He’s had a pretty incredible life himself, but that’s not what’s amazing about interacting and conversing with him…it’s the fact that you walk away feeling better about yourself or learning something within you or simply recognizing important things about yourself. You. Your life journey is not about someone who gives you just some insights, fluffy enlightenment or validates your existence. That stuff can be left to false prophets and scammers. Your life experience is about finding all these things within yourself. Greg doesn’t promise he’ll fix your life, but will probably positively enhance it and change it for the better. He does everything he can to assist and facilitate in your own personal journey to be where you want to be, or to leave where you don’t want to be. He’s there to help and create who you want to be, not what he or anyone else for that matter wants you to be. This is about you. Start living your life today, and if you need guidance and assistance, I highly recommended contacting Greg. Change and growth are not only good for the body, but also for the soul.”


“Greg is one word: amazing. To be honest when I met Greg years ago he kind of intimidated me with his strong alpha male presence. However, within minutes of actually talking to him, I realized I had nothing to be intimidated by. Greg is so many dimensions of depth, intuition, humor, sincerity, kindness and strength, and has become such a brilliant teacher for me on my path. Over the years, Greg has given me many deeply profound reiki/energy sessions and ceremonies. He has coached me around my dating life, career path, and opening my intuition. Greg is someone that has definitely changed my life. Go see him.”

Julia Barker

“It is my great pleasure to write to recommend the amazing healing abilities, compassionate presence, and intuitive gifts that Greg Carroll offers. I have known Greg both as a client and as a colleague in the Reiki and shamanic communities. During the time that I have known Greg, he has been a consistent healing presence in my life. Whether he is channeling Reiki, Life Coaching, working with shamanic medicine, or blending all of his talents together in a customized healing session, Greg is a grounded, positive, and compassionate healer with tremendous capacity to facilitate change in his clients’ life. Quite honestly, Greg is one of the most powerful healers that I know in the Bay Area.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Greg during his Reiki Master certification class, and experienced first-hand the beautiful ways Greg is able to facilitate healing. The beauty of witnessing this transformation came when Greg shared a part of his life story with me, acknowledging that he was becoming a Reiki Master not to simply add another tool to his toolbox, but to answer a calling. The beauty and peace that was reflected in his eyes as he described this choice was a touching moment to witness. When he placed his hands on me to give a treatment, that calling reverberated throughout my body, bringing with it a tremendous sense of peace. Greg has chosen to follow his soul path, and is destined to bring great healing to others. When he completed his Reiki Master training, a circuit was completed that propelled Greg to fully commit to his calling.”

Andy Groggel

“Greg Carroll rolled up somewhere in San Francisco in a blacked out Lexus the first time I met him. It was the late nineties he was all gangstered out, and he has been making remarkably memorable impressions, in different ways, since. We’ve stayed in touch and I’ve seen him build and manage brands, create new business, and nurture mere ideas into impressive profits for others. He has been highly influential in the skate marketplace over the past 20 years. His recent efforts come in the form of life coaching and business consulting. He has reinvented himself, while bringing all of his personal and professional experience with him. After spending time with him I don’t think there is any cap or limit to Greg’s capacity to help others grow and evolve in a positive way. He is poised for incredible growth and influence so if you get a chance, take a walk with the guy and see for yourself. I’m glad Greg is tattooed and still looks similar, even though it is obvious he has instilled a new sense of focus and self awareness. He is rock solid, and his presence and decorated background made it very easy for me to enlist him to help me evolve and grow as a creative and individual. He knows who he is and what he wants. To me that’s gangster and highly infectious.”

Joseph Whitmarsh

“I feel that the universe brought me to Greg and I could not be more grateful. I have had such an amazing and uplifting experience with Greg. I started with him as a very disconnected individual with little to no self esteem or self discipline. Greg is so kind and in touch with me as a human and yet he is firm about what needs to be done and gave me the tools to do it. I devoted myself to the program 100% and the skills I am learning will be practices I observe for the rest of my life. My life is completely different since I have become focused on Creating Me Now. I went from being unemployed, separated from a failed marriage without a plan for divorce, addicted to drugs and alcohol, having strained relationships with my family and only an ideas of what I wanted to do in life that was basically talked about all the time with no action behind it. Since we began I am 6 months clean and sober, I have an amazing job with total flexibility, I am involved in a yoga training program, I am getting certified to become a Reiki master, I have relationships with my family and they trust and respect me, I am moving forward with my divorce, I am getting ready to go back to school for my masters degree, and most of all I have a great relationship with me. I am just excelling and moving forward in all areas of my life. I have goals that are realistic and are fulfill all my life’s purposes. I have goals that are for today, by week, month, 6 months, one year, three year, five year and ten years out. Things that I only talked about, that I never really saw as becoming a reality, are now action plans that I am putting into motion. Also I am not some dull rigid person I thought one would have to be with this kind of focus and structure. I am the same fun loving, easy going, free spirit I was and even more so now that I have achieved the kind of pure joy and renewed sense of self that has come as a direct result of working with Greg. Tears of happiness come to my eyes when I see how bright my future really is going to be and all the ideas and plans that can become realities. Furthermore Greg advises to be flexible. Having these goals and action plans are amazing because they give me a path, but this path could change and then these plans will be readjusted. The whole process is seriously so incredible and it feels great to move forward with all the knowledge and none of the fear. I have changed in so many positive ways through the help of Greg it is almost unbelievable. I look at Greg as a guide. He has helped me spiritually, financially, internally and externally. It is important to point out that Greg in such an intuitive person, he is so in touch with me that I he knows my feelings, and holds me accountable for them. He has taught me so many things that will be with me throughout my life. Best of all, now I am able to move forward with confidence finding my own amazing things to learn and other ways to grow. I have the ability now to tap into my deeper self. I trust and respect myself and most of all listen to my own intuition. I am able to share my true light, my true self with the world now. I could go on and on about Greg. I am so proud to call him a teacher, guide, coach, and most of all a true friend. He is such a blessing to those who work with him. He is gifted and a very special individual that will help you in all facets of your life, if you let him and are willing to really listen and work. Basically the bottom line is if you want to be what you have always “talked about being” or have what you always “talk about having”, if you want your dreams to become a reality, if you want to Create You NOW, then you are ready to take the best step you ever will in your life. Sign on to work with Greg and he will change your life he changed mine.”

Carla Montague Musgrove

“I was at a point in my life where I really needed something, I felt lost & needed some kind of affirmation of my place in this world & where I was going. There was so much going on in my life from examples family illness, unemployment, depression and boyfriend issues. Your typical issues that can suck the life out of you, nonetheless I was referred to Greg. I felt that automatic connection, where I knew he would guide me to become a better person. He has been my mentor, business advisor and a true hero in my life. He has created a awareness in my life that things can change for the best. So much of my life has shifted that I am amazed and baffled that life can be so wonderful. Not only did I help myself yet, I am also helping others with my knowledge that he as educated me with. I truly feel blessed in my life to meet such a wonderful human being in my life; that has guided me to rejoice and appreciate my life.”

Lisa J. Ramirez 

“I first met Mr. Carroll in my own study of healing arts, specifically the Japanese energy system called Reiki. During this deeply transformational process, I realized that I was in need of guidance in my own personal and professional life. I requested a meeting with my teacher, who in turn referred me to Mr. Carroll to attempt to remove some of the obstacles I was creating for myself. I was especially impressed with his ability to deal with complex and abstract matters as they related to the study of energy and of life issues in general. I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Carroll in a variety of healing modalities, including intuitive healing, Reiki, and life coaching and I can say with conviction that my life is vastly improved as a result of his program.

Mr. Carroll’s intelligence shows through his intuitive ability to clearly see what the client might not; moreover, the solution-focused manner in which he works creates tangible and measurable results in one’s life. He is flexible, non-judgmental, accepting, reasonable, fair, and dedicated to being part of the whole. He spends a great deal of time volunteering and makes regular monetary contributions to those less fortunate than himself. He practices what he preaches and has an integrity level that is rarely seen.”

Christine B.

“I learned of Greg through a trusted friend during a time of personal conflict. I was in a transitional period and felt very overwhelmed by certain aspects of my situation. I found Greg to be quick and responsive in his correspondences and reliable when called upon. He offered validation and support while giving fair and balanced advice. Greg’s willingness to discuss professional matters as well as emotional turmoil confirmed his holistic approach. I found it very useful to have an outside perspective that was both guiding and nuanced. He encouraged me towards insightful decisions and bettered my ability to be in the moment.

Thanks Greg, you are greatly appreciated.”