The Source ExperienceIf you are ready to evolve past a place of stagnation and step into the life you know you truly deserve it is time to begin The Source Experience.

We all come into our bodies with lessons to learn; with gifts to give and receive. Our paths are not linear and there are times we all experience loss or feeling lost. Our Ego can begin to lead the way when our Spirit feels overwhelmed. Out of this imbalance can come discord; fear; loss of important relationships; physical illness and suffering.

In this 90-day Experience, you will learn to connect with your loving life Source that is and always has been available to you. Your journey will begin by taking a Nature Walk with Greg. That walk will involve the removal of the seen and the unseen obstacles currently blocking your path. That process will awaken your personal and spiritual connection with Source; it will begin the process of illuminating the answers to the questions you may not even have yet. After your initial Nature Walk with Greg the real fun will begin. Greg will take you on adventures and expose you to experiences that will enrich your everyday life. You will gain tools and resources that will continue to assist you well beyond the 90 days you experience working with Greg.

You are completely supported by Greg as you receive the guidance, assignments and insights needed to reconnect and stay connected to your divine life purpose.

Assignments and experiences will be designed to help you:

  • Redefine your connection to Source
  • Transform limiting beliefs systems
  • Gain compassion for yourself
  • Address ideas and concepts of self-healing
  • Control and redirect feelings of anger, fear and frustration
  • Redesign the framework of your values, priorities and commitments
  • Define your life purpose and life goals
  • Go an adventures in Nature
  • Receive Shamanic Energy Healing treatments

Your Experience will be completely catered to your individual needs and desires. The perfect combination of assignments and experiences awaits you.

You can simply book your complimentary initial coaching call now to begin the process that will transform your life and the way you are living in it.

Total financial commitment will vary between 2K and 5K based on individual needs, your time availability and will be established after your initial Nature Walk