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About Greg: Greg S. Carroll is a Shamanic Practitioner, Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and Life Coach based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento offering Shamanic Energy Healing treatments, Intuitive Nature Walks, Traditional Usui Reiki Treatments and classes and his unique style of Empathic Intuitive Life Coaching. 

Greg S. Carroll has studied Energy Healing modalities for 17 years and is a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Greg has over 19 years of experience as a Personal Life Coach, 26 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business management experience and 26 years as a professional action sports team manager. Most of all, he is proud to be a loyal husband and loving father.

During a healing session my aim is to have the energy that I am channeling release/remove energy blockages within a persons psychical body and their energy bodies, then restore the person’s own vital life force energy with love and healing so that every person can be feel uplifted, focused, restored, inspired, balanced and secure with who they are and the actions they need to take in order to live their life to the fullest each and every day in very possible way.” His profound and practical methods have helped thousands of people produce exceptional results in their relationships, careers, and to create powerful connections within themselves and to the world around them.

After many years of receiving teaching from Elders, participating in indigenous Shamanic healing rituals, spiritual retreats, attending personal-growth courses, along with his daily shamanic and intuitive practice, Greg Carroll attained the knowledge and tools that allow him to assist others in achieving their full potential. Greg utilizes the power of nature that is always in and around us to guide him through his own style of empathic-intuitive life coaching and Reiki sessions. It is Greg’s joy and privilege to share his gifts with you.

If for any reason you cannot afford to pay the listed prices please feel free to e-mail Greg at to work out a deal that you can afford.



Proud member of San Francisco Bay Area – Network For End Of Life Care



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